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Each skin care product in our curated collection goes through a meticulous selection process - from the efficacy of its ingredients to the skin care results that it garners. For our collection, we focus on sourcing CLEAN products that are free from harmful ingredients such as parabens or artificial dyes. We’ve spent countless hours on research and have tried an insane amount of products to create a curated collection that we feel is best for your skin.
1 product

1 product

Discover the transformative power of Haruharu Wonder's Black Rice Korean Skincare collection. Elevate your skincare routine with our oil cleanser, toner, toner pads, moisturizer, and eye cream, each infused with the potent goodness of black rice. Experience luxury in every step as you unlock a radiant transformation for your skin. Made with meticulously selected ingredients, these products are crafted to deliver exceptional results. Dive into the world of clean and effective skincare—rejuvenate and embrace beautiful aging effortlessly. Explore the natural magic of black rice with Haruharu Wonder today!