Ashitaba Tea
Ashitaba Tea

Ashitaba Tea

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Originated from the rich volcanic soil of Hachi Jo Island in Japan, the growth of Ashitaba is promoted by the warm tropical current known as black tide. It is a perennial plant in celery family. With its uncanny ability to reproduce green stems and leaves, Ashitaba earned its name as the leaf of tomorrow. In the Edo era of Japan, Ashitaba was documented as a Treasure Plant. Local residents of Hachi Jo Island refer to Ashitaba as the longevity herb, attribute their unusual healthfulness to the continual consumption of Ashitaba in their diet. Recent scientific research discovered a rare element Chalcones, a class of potent flavonoid compounds, is present in Ashitaba.

Launched in 1989, Percent Ashitaba Tea contains Hachi Jo Island grown Ashitaba provided by Ashitaba Manufacture Factory. Co., Ltd. in Japan, and is manufactured under certified CGMP authority in Taiwan with its exclusive roasting technology.

The product is pH balanced, caffeine free, no additive and preservatives.

Ashitaba Tablets

Ashitaba Tablet contains the most valuable and characteristic element- CHALCONE.
Ashitaba grown in Hachi Jo Island, Japan, with complete balanced nutrition. It also, has complete nutrients including natural protein, amino acid, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. It is known as the Treasure and the King of Vegetables of the Longevity Island. Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba was also known as Longevity Herb. Percent Ashitaba Tablet is made only from the tender baby sprouts of Ashitaba using 13:1 concentration, no additive, no preservative, 100% natural.

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